Wednesday, March 21, 2012 - Social Soda Reviewing Site

What if you could join a worldwide community of soda lovers like you? What if by joining that community you could help to document sodas, helping history by saving these sodas forever, helping others to decide what they want to try(or not!) by giving your opinions on the sodas you drink and love. What if you could even  trade sodas with anyone in the world to give the gift of your favorite soda and receive an exotic new sodas? What if all of this was totally free to do on a not for profit website? Then Dizzy Frinks is there for you.

A website where you can review sodas already on the site, submit sodas that aren't there already or just browse and get new ideas for what to try out. I know that I am personally having fun going through the "most popular" sodas and seeing which ones I have tried and getting ideas for how to get every other one that I haven't. I'm definitely going to be participating in the soda trading as well soon enough. I imagine there are some really cool sodas over in other continents that I would otherwise not have a chance at getting.

I definitely highly recommend this site if you are any sort of soda fan! Hope to see all of your reviews showing up there soon!

The link is for those that didn't catch it in that intro paragraph.

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