Saturday, November 5, 2011

New posts soon!

Hey there, I'm still at college. It has been a damned fun time and I can comfortably say that I am making the most of it in my first term. My winter break starts fairly soon so I will obviously be doing reviews when I am back home but I have even better news. I expected there to be no good soda but I was totally wrong. At the book store I was able to get some Jone's soda and at the Starbucks I picked up some Izze. The Izze Clementine soda review is done at the moment, just needs to be prettied up a bit. My friend who is from Schenectady also said that there is a store I could go to that has all sorts of great sodas so hopefully I will be able to stop by there sometime.

There is also the matter of some old notes I have that never got finalized. For 2-3 sodas I drank them, wrote up notes and saved them as a draft on the blog but never put the actual post together. I have stuff going all the way back to January that I totally forgot about! So I'm going to finalize those posts and get them up, they will be light on pictures though because I don't have the bottling on me(they are at home in my empty bottle collection).

So that's some good news, I'm really glad that I get to keep writing from school!