Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Soda Collection as of November 9th

All captions are listing names in order from Left to Right
You could also think of this as "Future Reviews" if you wanted.
This is all of them in one shot

Frostie Blue Cream, Marble Pop, Jolly Rancher Blueberry Raspberry, Jarritos Mandarin, Izze Birch, Jarritos Tamarind, Cas Cal Light Red

Jarritos Tamarind, Cas Cal Light Red, IBC Black Cherry, Izze Pomegranate, Izze Blueberry, Fentiman's Curiosity Cola
Izze Blueberry, Fentiman's Curiosity Cola, Reed's Blueberry Ginger Ale, NuGrape Soda, Pepsi and Coca-Cola wish real sugar, Boylan Birch Beer

NuGrape Soda Pepsi and Coca-Cola wish real sugar, Boylan Birch Beer and a case of Birch Beer

My kitty loves the taste of real Coca-Cola too!

 This next image is hosted elsewhere and linked because it is extremely large. It's a panorama of my setting the sodas down on the ground and doing a 360 with each included.

It is very very wide and not very tall at all. I hope it's not too annoying to look at, but it should give you a better look at everything. In my opinion it's also pretty darned cool looking, so check it out!

Link to Massive 360 Panorama

So I officially have 18 bottles of soda in my house bought specifically for this blog. I only say that because there's still some only Faygo lying about as well. Of those bottle, there are 15 unique flavors. Well, I guess only 13 if you could "Curiosity Cola" "Coca-Cola" and "Pepsi" as all one flavor, but who's to judge.


  1. Cool blog. I'm not really into soda, but your obvious affection translates well into text which makes your posts pretty fun to read.

  2. Thanks, Hank! I hope to keep it going so check back often. Congratulations also on being my first commentor.